Pentalift Pentaloader Self-Leveling Tables

Pentalift’s Pentaloader is a rugged, self-leveling, spring activated table available in four models. The load handling range for the Pentaloader is different for each model. A Pentaloader model can be specified to handle a loading / unloading operation up to 4,500 lb. The load handling characteristics of each model can be easily adjusted to facilitate four different loading / unloading settings. Each Pentaloader has the capability to handle a variety of load sizes and piece weights.

It is ideally suited for applications where product of a uniform size, shape and weight is being loaded / unloaded. Due to the four possible adjustment settings on each model, the Pentaloader is a versatile piece of material handling equipment. Since it requires no hook up to electricity or air, the Pentaloader can be easily put to work in any location.


  • 52” clearance between corner locators
  • Semi-portable design
  • Turntable brake
  • Accordion bellows


  • Manual rotating top is 3/8” solid steel plate 48” X 48” 
  • Corner guard locators positioned at an inside measurement of 50” X 50” square 
  • Scissor legs are solid steel, one piece construction with precision reamed holes for accurate alignment and table operation 
  • Lubricated for life, maintenance-free bearings at pivot points 
  • Smooth steel deck surface 
  • Lagging holes in frame 
  • Highly visible, detailed safety and operation decals for greater visibility and safety 
  • Table finished in Pentalift gray enamel

Product Downloads:
Pentaloader Self-Leveling Table Brochure