LiftMaster ATSW Light-Duty Commercial/Residential Door Operator

The LiftMaster ATSW Light-Duty Commercial/Residential Door Operator is dual-rated for residential and commercial doors; tested and approved for commercial duty cycle requirements. Comes with built-in Wi-Fi which enables access to myQ®. Ceiling mount for standard lift sectional doors. Ideal for pole barns and similar structures for storage and manufacturing.


Business Connectivity:

  • myQ Smart Facility Access is a cloud-based software solution that delivers real-time data and analytics to a commercial facility.
  • Analyze the load, turn and dwell time at each dock in the facility and make data-driven decisions that allow you to maintain insight from the perimeter to the dock space.
  • Stay up-to-date and in control of facility access points with real-time notifications to help improve efficiency and productivity while reducing expenses.

Business Safety and Security:

  • Meets UL 325 Safety Standards.
  • Protect people and vehicles with commercial safety sensors and accessories that stop the door from closing on obstructions.

Operator Warranty: 1 Year

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