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If you have any questions about the products listed on our website and/or would like a quote on specific products please feel free to Request A Quote. If you have questions regarding your new or current project, Tell Us About Your Project. For all other inquiries simply give us a call (toll free) at 1.800.665.8972 or complete the form below. A representative will contact you within 2 business days.

Reliable Overhead Door Division
405 Logan Ave
Phone: 204.668.2000
Toll Free: 800.665.8972
Fax: 204.663.9508


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    Staff Directory

    Branch Manager

    Howard Ashdown
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6439)

    Contract Sales

    Doug Barnert
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6438)

    Dave Claeys
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6440)

    Victor Major
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6443)

    Wholesale Distribution

    Doug Antiuk
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6404)

    Candy Major
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6458)

    Frank Peters
    Phone: (204) 668-2000 (x6460)

    Territory Sales

    Brenda Holowka
    Phone: (204) 668-2000