Garex New Hampshire 138 Insulated Garage Door

Our insulated New Hampshire 138 insulated garage door is inspired by the carriage house style and is now available in an economical configuration. This new collection of high-performance, white steel overhead garage doors is designed to evoke the most popular styles of Garex Garage Doors. Made in Canada of 26-gauge galvanized steel, these textured woodgrain overhead garage doors offer exceptional quality and durability.

Designed with a thermal resistance value of R-12, the New Hampshire 138 door offers several advantages. It harmonizes perfectly with the exterior appearance of traditional architecture and is aesthetically appealing, boosting your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, the door features traditional white 138 painted wood end blocks and embossment of 20″x14″ grouped by 2 – 43″x16″. The rollers and hardware provide you with the smooth operation of the garage door.