Steel-Craft RS301 insulated steel garage door

Steelcraft RS301 insulated steel garage door

RS 301 series of garage doors is manufactured utilizing the very latest in modern technology. This Unique fully automated process produces a section with steel inner and outer skin, spaced 1 3/4″ apart, on the model RS 301. This space is then filled with a polyurethane foam for insulation and rigidity. A thermal break separates the two skins. To elimate air and wind infiltration, a full width all-weather seal is installed. All these features add up to an energy efficient door that provides durability, strength, security and lasting beauty.


  • Hot-dip galvanized steel with pebble grain finish for rust-resistant protection and maintenance free. It will outlast the cheaper electro-galvanized steel.
  • A baked-on, two coat polyester finish.
  • Each door section is mechanically interlocked (Patent Pending) along its entire length to ensure there is no delamination of the steel from the urethane.
  • A foamed in-place polyurethane core provides the maximum resistance to inclement weather. No other insulation offers a higher R-value. Polyurethane insulation produces twice the insulation value of styrofoam used to insulate the typical garage door.
  • Steel end caps protect and seal the section as well as provide a smooth sealing surface for the side weather strip. The steel end caps, combined with continuous steel backing plates, provide durable hinge attachment. No wood center and end stiles to rot.
  • Top quality, heavy duty rollers that ensure long life and smooth quiet operation.
  • Heavy duty galvanized hardware with tapered track for proper alignment and maximum sealing. Torsion springs that are computer balanced allow for ease of operation.
  • Ribbed, pebble grain finish
  • R Value: 16.04

Steel-Craft RS301 Brochure