Steel-Craft Thermocraft Series

Meet the Steel-Craft ThermoCraft Series, the go to garage door when durability, energy efficiency and attractive design are called for. Made of top quality, high grade Canadian steel and Steel-Craft’s proudly over-engineered parts, ThermoCraft doors are fade resistant and won’t corrode.

Available in two insulation ratings, T-12 with an R-Value 10 and the thicker T-16 with an R-Value 16, Steel-Craft ThermoCraft Series doors are made to keep warmth in and winter out. Double finned steel/nylon weather stripping, mechanical interlocking joints and an Arctic grade bottom weather seal help ensure the door is energy efficient and will stand up to Canadian winters.

The galvanized steel doors feature attractive embossed paneling, with four colour and many window style options. Warranty coverage.

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Thermocraft Series Brochure