Pentalift UHR40 Ultrahook Vehicle Restraint Safety System (Recessed)

The superior engineering features of the Ultrahook UHR40 Vehicle Restraint make it a reliable and effective restraint system for the most demanding of applications. The Ultrahook will cycle through a broad operating range. It has an exceptional draw bar rating or holding strength of 40,000 lb.

Unlike face mounted restraints, the Ultrahook is recessed into the dock face and mounted under the dock leveler. It is a non-impact restraint. Further, there are no protruding components when the Ultrahook restraint is in its stored position.

The advantages of this installation arrangement for the Ultrahook include:

  1. Unobstructed dock face for easy snow / debris removal
  2. Restraint is protected from outside elements
  3. Vehicles and restraint are not damaged by impact

When the Ultrahook engages, it draws firmly up against the rear impact guard of the trailer. Unlike other types of restraints, there is no “gap”. The Ultrahook effectively eliminates ” momentum range” concerns which are typical with other restraints. A “Pulsing Error Alarm” is installed on the Ultrahook to signal the operator (buzzer sounds and light flashes) should the truck / trailer creep forward during loading / unloading. The unique design of the Ultrahook permits the unit to “float” with the suspension of the truck / trailer during load / unload operations.


The Ultrahook operates using proven reliable electro-hydraulic activation. As an option, the operation of the Ultrahook can be interlocked to that of other dock equipment, i.e. dock leveler, overhead door, inflatable dock seal, etc. An Ultrahook Safety System installation includes instructional signage and a communication system which signals both the truck driver outside and the dock attendant inside using a high visibility, easy to understand light arrangement. All Ultrahook vehicle restraints are factory tested before shipment. 


  • positioned under the dock leveler, it is protected from vehicle impact and harsh conditions 
  • “floats” with the trailer suspension during loading/unloading 
  • hydraulic operation 
  • heavy-duty steel hook arm 
  • operating range of 9″ to 29″ 
  • exceptional holding strength of 40,000 lb. 
  • high visibility, two-way deluxe communication light system 
  • PLC controlled


  • PLC control can be interlocked to other loading dock equipment
  • Pour–in–place pan

Product Downloads:
UHR40 Brochure
UHR40 Specifications