Pentalift Roll-Off Stop Lip Dock Leveler

Pentalift Roll-Off Stop Lip Hydraulic Dock Levelers are designed with rugged simplicity to provide superior product value through prolonged, trouble-free performance. Convenient push button activation and reliable hydraulic technology increase the efficiency and safety of the loading/unloading process.

The operator depresses and holds the raise button and the deck rises to full height. The lip plate will then extend into position. When the button is released the deck and lip lower until the extended lip rests on the truck/trailer bed. If there is no truck present or when the truck departs, the deck will lower onto the below level stops and the lip will automatically drift into the pendent position behind the dock bumpers. On units equipped with “Auto-return”, the dock automatically returns to the parked position. In the stored position the roll-off stop lip provides a formidable barrier to prevent the lift truck from accidentally driving or rolling off of a vacant dock. The barrier is maintained at all times even after truck departure.

Roll-Off Stop Lip:
An offset hinge design allows the lip plate to automatically provide a roll-off barrier when in the vertical position. A full width, self-cleaning hinge ensures on-going reliable performance with low maintenance. By eliminating intricate sliding mechanisms it is possible to maintain the roll-off stop feature at all times, even during higher risk, below level, end-loading operations.


  • exclusive Pentalogic valve assembly 
  • fully hydraulic operation (both deck and lip) 
  • full width, roll-off stop barrier 
  • hydraulic fallsafe 
  • lift cylinder position provides a mechanical advantage and maximum support during a fallsafe situation 
  • self-retracting lip assembly 
  • fixed rear hinge assembly facilitates deck canting. 
  • posi-lock maintenance stand 
  • dual night locks 
  • yellow/black safety striping
  • full range toe guards


  • automatic return to dock
  • pour-in-place design
  • deck stop with independent lip control
  • 18″ or 20″ lip length
  • can be interlocked to other dock equipment
  • weather seal
  • foam insulated deck
  • other options available

Product Downloads:
Roll Off Stop Lip Leveler Brochure
Roll Off Stop Lip Leveler Specifications