Pentalift Portable Bin Tilter

Operator rolls bin tilter’s pallet truck type forks under bin to position unit at workstation. Bin when tilted facilitates gravity feeding of parts and positions work at the optimal, ergonomically correct work height for the operator. Ample toe clearance allows operator to stand tight against unit. Ergonomically correct positioning improves productivity, minimizes bending, reaching and stretching; reduces operator fatigue and makes cumulative trauma type injuries less likely. Self-contained DC power unit plugs into a 110-volt outlet for recharging.

Pentalift’s Pro-Series Portable Bin Tilters are designed to meet the rugged demands of various industrial positioning applications. The Portable Bin Tilter can be rolled to pick up a loaded bin and then pushed to the required location then tilted to position the load into the correct “ergonomic envelope” for the worker.

Pentalift’s Pro-Series Portable Bin Tilters are ruggedly built to perform reliably in any industrial setting. By reducing the bending associated with the retrieval of parts, Pentalift Portable Bin Tilters improve the efficiency of manufacturing, machining and processing operations.


  • Exclusive PentaFLOW hydraulic bypass cylinders 
  • Built with heavy-duty components for rugged and reliable performance 
  • Chrome pins with lubricated-for-life,maintenance – free bearings at all pivot points 
  • Large, locking phenolic casters 
  • Internal, self-contained battery and charger 
  • Easy access, 3-position control


  • Battery discharge indicator with lock out
  • Air-hydraulic power unit (remove foot control)
  • Special paint color
  • Floor locks
  • Velocity fuse