Pentalift MFR32 Vehicle Restraint System (Mechanical)

The Pentalock MFR32 Mechanical Vehicle Restraint offers a rugged structural design, simple operation and maximum product value. The loading dock is one of the most hazardous areas of any facility. Serious loading dock accidents can result from such things as premature truck departure, trailer creep and collapsing landing gear. Pentalift’s MFR32 offers a practical solution to loading dock safety concerns. Construction features, such as the heavy-duty steel guard and solid steel restraining arms ensure a long, reliable life.

The restraint is designed to provide automatic vertical compensation to accommodate the movement of the trailer’s suspension during loading/unloading. Gas shock activation and positive lock-down mechanism make the MFR32 a reliable and easy to use product. The simple operation promotes continued use of the restraint by the dock attendant. Its fully mechanical design makes the restraint easy to both install and maintain. Additionally, this equipment offers the flexibility to relocate the MFR32 if necessary.

When not in use, the restraint is held in the lowered position by the positive lock-down mechanism. Once the truck/trailer is positioned, the operator uses the “T” handled operating bar to release the lock-down. The restraining arm, rises creating a barrier for the truck’s/trailer’s ICC bumper. If no ICC bumper is present or it cannot be restrained, the operator returns the unit to the stored position and manually chocks the vehicle’s wheels. The restraint “floats” over the entire operation range in relation to the movement of the truck’s/trailer’s suspension. When loading /unloading is complete, the operator uses the “T” handled operating bar to return the restraint to the lowered position.


  • gas shock activation 
  • low-profile height of 10 1/2″ 
  • operating range of 10 1/2″ to 29″ 
  • restraining capacity of 32,000 lb 
  • positive lock down mechanism 
  • simple and trouble-free operation 
  • strike plate and push down arm painted white for high visibility 
  • heavy-duty construction 
  • Operating “T” handle


  • manually operated light
  • ICC bumper sensor
  • exterior sign package
  • handle storage bracket
  • weld plate for cast in concrete installation
  • other options available
  • automatic light activation

Product Downloads:
MFR32 Specifications