Pentalift HD Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler


  • exclusive Pentalogic valve assembly 
  • fully hydraulic operation (both deck and lip) 
  • hydraulic fallsafe 
  • lift cylinder position provides a mechanical advantage and maximum support during a fallsafe situation 
    self-retracting lip assembly 
  • fixed rear hinge assembly facilitates deck canting 
  • full range toe guards 
  • integral maintenance stand 
  • dual night locks 
  • yellow/black safety striping


When the operator depresses and holds the raise button, the deck rises to its full height. The lip plate then extends into position. When the button is released, the deck and lip lower until the extended lip rests on the truck/trailer bed. If there is no truck present or the truck departs, the deck lowers contacting the below level stops. The lip automatically drifts into the pendant position behind the dock bumpers. On units equipped with “Auto-return”, the deck returns to the parked position. Deck lift and lip extensions are controlled through the “Pentalogic” hydraulic manifold.

The Pentalogic hydraulic manifold controls every hydraulic function of the “HD” series of leveler. With only two moving parts, the Pentalogic manifold performs several functions without requiring elaborate electro-hydraulic valve assemblies. All internal components are constantly bathed in hydraulic oil to protect them from contamination by outside environments.

Structural Features:

  • High-strength, 4-way safety tread plate deck and lip assembly; 55,000 psi yield.
  • Full-width, self-cleaning, heavy-wall hinge tube; 70,000 psi yield.
  • Gussets on lip and headboard hinge maximize support.
  • Deep, 8” high, one-piece headboard with bridged gaps; radii on all inside corners for maximum strength; 50,000 psi yield.
  • Structural, precision-formed “C” beams 65,000 psi yield. Specially designed beams allow Pentalift to create and build the deck support with optimal strength-to-weight ratio for a dock leveler. Utilizing ten (10) beams assures an even load distribution and maximum deck support.
  • Central deck beam for added support of three-wheeled vehicles.
  • Full-width, structural channel tailboard and one-piece, full-width rear hinge complete with heavy steel gussets. Pentalift’s unique, welded assembly provides a box section for superior support.
    Rear frame assembly features five vertical structural members with eight points of even support for the full-width rear hinge.
  • Heavy-duty front frame provides full-width, cross-traffic support and superior building aesthetics.
  • Night locks prevent unauthorized entry when overhead door is locked on top of dock leveler. 

Operating Features:

  • Self-retracting, hydraulic lip cylinder is standard on all models for fully hydraulic operation.
  • Top-fed, forward-positioned hydraulic lift cylinder.
  • Full-range, telescopic toe protection assures total dock attendant safety. Section features a “bend relief” to maximize strength.
  • Fixed rear hinge remains flush with the rear of the pit to eliminate potential pinch points and surface obstructions. Design allows 4” of lateral deck compensation to accommodate canted truck/trailer beds.
  • Hydraulic power unit incorporating internal filtration system, 1½ hp TENV motor.
  • Integral maintenance strut supports deck and lip assembly during maintenance and service.

Balanced Design for Structural Harmony:

Other dock leveler manufacturers boast of individual components as though they were unrelated to each other in strength. Little thought is given to the overall structural balance of the combined load-bearing components.

Many dock leveler manufacturers fail to realize that, in many respects, the combination of structural components is similar to a chain and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Through the use of state-of-the-art finite element analysis software, Pentalift components are designed and sized to maintain structural balance and harmony throughout, assuring maximum dock leveler life by eliminating any weak links.
Master Control Panel:

Master Control Panels are available to suit various applications and combinations of dock equipment. Master control panels are used to simplify and harmonize the operation of the loading dock equipment, increase safety, reduce field-wiring costs and conserve wall space at the loading dock. The dock equipment that is typically interlocked is any combination of: hydraulic dock leveler, vehicle restraint and safety light system, overhead door and/or inflatable dock shelter.
Pentalogic Hydraulic Manifold:

Operating every hydraulic function with only two moving parts, the Pentalogic hydraulic manifold revolutionized dock leveler hydraulic control circuitry. Conventional hydraulic dock leveler control valve circuitry is comprised of several individual function valve assemblies. These assemblies are constructed from many sub components, increasing the potential of hydraulic component failure and oil leaks. Utilizing only two moving components, the nonadjustable Pentalogic hydraulic manifold eliminates all concerns related to on-site adjustment, oil leaks or hydraulic component failure.
Self Retracting Lip:

A major feature of the Pentalogic hydraulic manifold is a self-retracting lip assembly, an important safety and performance feature.

Conventional hydraulic dock levelers’ yieldable lip circuits utilize an “in line” pressure relief valve, maintaining the lip in the extended position. Once a vehicle departs, the deck lowers and the lip remains in the extended position. The next incoming vehicle will impact the extended lip and any excessive force will push the lip assembly back into the pendant position. In addition, a conventional hydraulic circuit can cause the lip to get “caught on” a portion of the incoming truck, resulting in extensive damage to the vehicle, dock leveler and cargo.

On truck departure, the Pentalogic hydraulic manifold allows the lip assembly to gently retract into the pendant position prior to the arrival of the next incoming vehicle. The Pentalogic hydraulic manifold assures that the lip is always pendant behind the protective bumpers. Units equipped with automatic, return-to-stored position, work in conjunction with the self-retracing lip (eliminating false signals common with other makes) to return the deck to the safe, stored position.

  • automatic return to dock
  • can be interlocked to other dock equipment
  • pour-in-place design
  • deck stop with independent lip control
  • foam insulated deck
  • weather seal
  • 18″ or 20″ lip length
  • other options available

All Pentalift dock levelers are factory tested before shipping.

Product Downloads:
HD Series Brochure
HD Series Specifications