Pentalift Fork Truck Maintenance Lifts


  • 20,000 lb. capacity 
  • Surface mounted (no pit required) 
  • Approach ramp supplied with unit 
  • Automatic Safety Ratchet System locks lift into position 
  • Color-coded pawls indicate engagement to operator 
  • Rear Pick Up Bars slide in/out of position under lift truck chassis 
  • Portable full width Front Pick Up Bar Assembly 
  • Power unit is 3 hp. 
  • Control voltage is 24 volts

The lift facilitates free access to all service areas on the lift truck. The surface-mounted, 20,000 lb. capacity maintenance lift requires no pit. The unit’s Safety Ratchet System ensures load holding. The NEMA 4, push button control has buttons for Up, Lock and Down.

To raise lift:
Depress and hold the Up button until the lift raises the lift truck to the working height. Press the Lock button. The lift will lower on to the Safety Ratchet System. The red safety zone on the pawl will not be visible, indicating that it is safe to work under the lift.

To lower lift:
Depress and hold the Down button. The lift will rise slightly. The Safety Ratchet System will disengage and the lift will lower.

Product Downloads:
Fork Truck Maintenance Lift Brochure