Pentalift FM35 Vehicle Restraint Safety System (Face Mounted)

The Pentalock FM35 vehicle restraint is a face-mount, non-impact safety system. The wide restraining face on the FM35 helps to spread out the forces over the ICC bumper, improving the strength relationship between the two. Industry proven electro-hydraulic activation offers reliability and the flexibility to interlock the vehicle restraint operation to that of other dock equipment, i.e. dock leveler, safety barrier, truck leveler, etc.

A heavy-duty steel guard protects the restraint from impact damage caused by trailers or yard cleaning equipment. A draw-bar rating of 35,000 lb. provides the strength to restrain most ICC bumpers on trucks/trailers. A high-visibility, two-way, deluxe light system provides communication between the operator and the driver. Instruction signs are also part of the system. All Pentalock vehicle restraints are factory tested before shipment.

Communication System Elements:
Another feature of the Pentalock restraint is its semi-resistive signal bar. A force of approximately 30 lb. is required to activate the signal bar. This reduces the chance of foreign objects and debris causing a false signal.

When in the stored position, the FM35’s exterior light unit shows green (ready to receive a vehicle), while the light on the interior panel shows red (unsafe to load/unload). Once the vehicle is in position, the dock attendant turns the switch on the control panel to operate the restraint. The exterior light changes to red (no departure). The restraint’s arms rise until contact is made with the truck’s ICC bumper causing the inside light to change to green indicating the restraint has contacted and engaged the ICC bumper. When no contact is made, a warning buzzer sounds. When loading/unloading is complete, the attendant turns the switch. When the restraint is fully lowered, the exterior light then shows green. The vehicle can depart.


  • electro-hydraulic actuation 
  • high visibility, two-way deluxe communication light system 
  • signal bar design reduces potential of “false signals” 
  • waterproof design 
  • low-profile height of 12″ 
  • operating range of 12″ to 30″ 
  • restraining capacity of 35,000 lb. 
  • warning buzzer


  • can be interlocked with other dock equipment
  • weld plate for cast in concrete installation
  • power failure release
  • zinc plated
  • other options available

Product Downloads:
FM35 Brochure
FM35 Specifications