LiftMaster SD Sliding Operator (Industrial Duty)

Standard Features

  • Motor: Continuous-duty, high starting torque motor with overload protection. Available in 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 HP; single or three phase. Removable without affecting limit switch settings.
  • Drive Reduction: First stage heavy-duty 5L V-belt; second stage and output on trolley #41 chain.
  • Emergency Disconnect: Spring-loaded disconnect for emergency manual operation.
  • Wiring Type: C2, B2, D1 and E2 wiring types are all standard and easily selectable using the Logic Control Board (L). T and TS wiring can be activated with the use of the CPS II option board. Reversing Contactor Units (M) have C2 wiring standard and B2 available by simply moving a jumper wire. All operators are pre-wired to accept a sensing edge, photoelectric control, radio controls and most types of access control equipment.
  • External Radio Control Terminal: External terminals provide quick, convenient connections for radio controls.
  • Bearings: Ball bearings on output shaft; heavy-duty, oil filled bushings on reduction shafts.
  • Friction Clutch: Adjustable friction clutch helps protect against major damage to door and operator should the door meet an obstruction.
  • Pushbutton Station: 3-button station for OPEN/CLOSE/STOP functions is standard for all operators. Controls with one, two and three buttons are available.
  • Construction: NEMA 1 Type electrical box, heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame with durable powder coat finish, all reduction sprockets drilled and pinned to shafts.
  • Rail Assembly: High strength dual L-rail track with exclusive nylon quiet gliding chain guides on rail spacers for quiet, smooth operation. Includes heavy-duty wall mount brackets for rail and operator.
  • Brake: Solenoid-actuated brake is standard.

Standard on the LiftMaster Logic Control (L)

  • Maintenance Alert System: This important feature provides an accurate method for tracking door use and establishing safe and effective maintenance programs for the door and the operator. The Maintenance Alert System features an internal programmable cycle timer that actually counts each time the door cycles. This system is easily preset by the installer for the particular door and application. Once the preset number is reached, an indicator light on the 3-button station flashes to signal that it is time for routine door and operator maintenance.
  • Maximum Run Timer: This standard feature on the Logic Control Board (L) is designed to protect against damage to the door and operator. Simply set the system to auto learn the door´s standard cycle time. Any time a moving door takes 10 seconds more than its programmed standard cycle time, the door will automatically stop. The maximum runtime for the default is 90 seconds.
  • Delay-on-Reverse Circuit
  • Programmable Mid-Stop

Control Accessories and Options

  • CPS® Photo Sensor System: (Recommended) An inexpensive “non-contact” photo safety sensor designed to sense an obstruction and signal the door operator to reverse to open.
  • Sensing Edge: (Recommended) Designed to sense an obstruction and signal door operator to stop or reverse as desired. Either an electric or pneumatic sensing device can be added to bottom edge of door.
  • Radio Control: Universal transmitters and receivers are available to signal the operator to open and/or close door.
  • Bi-Parting Door Hardware: Modification includes hardware to use Model SD on bi-parting door.
  • Key Switch: Designed to restrict operation of door to authorized personnel only. Various types available.

Available Plug-In Option Boards for the Solid State Logic Control Board (L)

  • CPS IICommercial Protector System II: (Recommended) Features our powerful photo sensors to provide a UL approved self-monitoring operator for commercial door applications. 4-wire or 2-wire “fail-safe” edges may be used. Board also contains a Timer-to-Close function.
  • Timer-to-Close Option: Part of the CPS II board. It provides the ability to close the door at a programmable time from 5 seconds up to 1 hour. Combined with the CPS II board for the convenience of a timer and the safety necessary to protect an auto closing door.
  • Auxiliary Contact Option Board: Features both normally-open and normally-closed contact that actuate when unit is powered down. Can be used to signal security systems, operate heaters, warning devices or other ancillary devices (5V to 240V).
  • Warning Signal Option Board: Provides apartment warning light function for use with red/green light module (included). Will support audio warning devices. Will provide warning prior to closing when combined with CPS II.

Product Downloads:
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