Steel-Craft Flush Series

Steel-Craft Flush Series doors give you the flexibility to design the look you want. Whether it’s a minimalist, clean look, or an arching front you are designing for, Flush doors blend seamlessly for a harmonious visual display.

Steel-Craft Flush Series doors are made of top quality, Canadian made steel. Thicker than many doors out there, Flush doors are energy efficient, with an R-Value of 13 for 1 3/8″ thick doors and an R-Value of 16 for 1 3/4″ thick doors. The steel panels come with a factory applied, two coat polyester paint finish, available in five colours for 1 3/4″ ; Flush can also be painted to suit the exterior colour specifications of your home. Complete the look with glass or ThermoPane windows, available in a multitude of styles and colours. Our unnecessary warranty covers our virtually maintenance free Flush doors.

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Steel-Craft Flush Series Brochure