Commercial Roll Up Steel Door

These continuous curtain roll-up steel doors are formed from hotdipped galvanized steel, then finished with silicone polyester paint for beauty and durability.

Installation to masonry, steel or wood jambs is quick, and simple—no special preparation, no overhead tracks. Steel slide-bolt assemblies at each bottom corner secure the closed door from inside. For added protection, the slide-bolts also accept padlocks. A sliding curtain lock also is available for securing the door from outside. Available in a variety of standard and special colors.

26-gauge galvanized steel, primed then finished with high gloss silcone polyester paint

Bottom Bar:
Extruded aluminum bottom bar with heavy-duty steel angle.

Door Stop:
Prevents door from rolling up past header.

Engineered to counter balance different door sizes for smooth operation.

Inside slide lock located on the bottom corners or exterior mini curtain lock.

Optional Direct Drive chain hoist.
Optional 4:1 Reduced Drive chain hoist.
Optional Motor operator.

Optional Insulation:
Optional door insulation available with an “R” value of 4.